Friday, November 19, 2004

2:14pm and i'm bored

funny how listening to music makes a person feel. am listening to eagles - tequila sunrise .. heh.. all of a sudden i miss jamming with my band in college. i mean since i left college back in july 2004 ( this year) i haven't realyl been playing much with them.. guess i kind miss the time we had. you know... singing in a pub ..then as usual i'de like screw up and forget the lyrics and try find a way to cover up in front of a live audience.. embarassing.. but i guess it was quite fun.. an experience too.. but what ALMOST always happened was .. somehow.. we always had a screwy sound system to work with.. but the best sound system we ever played on was in Waikiki in PJ State. :) memmories eh?

anyway guess i'm rambling.. but while driving back from dota this morning.. suddenly i felt as if i needed to contact my bandmates.. felt as if i wanted to get something recorded down on a cd so that i have somethign to keep before i leave for the uk next year. kinda sad that we have to split up and go on our separate ways ..but i guess thats life..

i miss the time we played together.. i miss the way it felt to make music.. i miss the way the guitars, bass , percussions and the vocals blended ... i miss the good old times...


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