Saturday, November 13, 2004

design anyone?

i went to a seven-eleven nearby my home to get my pack of smokes. as i stood at the counter waiting for my pack of cigarettes, a mother with her two kids came in, a boy and a girl.the little boy pointed at the slurpee machine and saw the liquids which were green and purple, but the labels on top of the purple ice sludge had a picture of an orange, and the green one was labeled tutti fruiti. the younger boy asked what the purple one was.. and the older sister stared at it.. and after a few seconds said its orange flavour. I smiled.. their mom laughed.. and told them the purple one was probably grape.. and the green one was lime.. I smiled again. It amazed me how the sister, looked the at the purple slurpee and referred to the picture of the orange and said it was orange flavour.. but what amused me more.. was how their mother completely ignored the label on the green slurpee and told her children it was lime flavour despite a label stating it was tutti fruiti.. :)

then i started to ponder... wondering how important design was to our daily lives, and how it impacted different age groups. and perhaps not many people notice this, but flaws in design such as the labeling on the slurpee machine could guide people into the wrong decission. i often wonder why our malaysian sociery look upon traditional professions such as engineers, lawyers, doctors as better professions as compared to one in the design field. Perhaps, our society has yet to acknowledge the importance of deign in the world today, but perhaps i could be wrong. :)


At 9:40 AM, Blogger Miguel said...

I read your "article", and I think that is an amazing story not only for psicological cience, but as you've said Design...Comunication Design or Graphic Design.

At 11:25 AM, Blogger Jojo Low said...

Oh Btw ... I would strongly suggest composing u'r blogs in Word ... at least save a hard copy as blogspot might just run into a fit if u'r unlucky and you lose a lot of words ... ;)


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