Sunday, November 14, 2004

Thoughts of Mine circa 2001

since my blog is so empty.. thought i'de post something i wrote way back in 2001

thoughts of mine.

looking at you, what can i say?
is the person you portray really who you are?
questions asked often unanswered
without a clue, i am left puzzled
Impossible it is to get to know you
give up I shall not!
because in your eyes a true pleasant person i see
underneath all the facades you may wear
i don't think that you can fool me
help is something you may not think you need
but here i will be
waiting for the moment that you give in
and accept the sincere hand i’m offering
your wounded heart in need of attention
delicate touches and handled with care
though many others could offer the same
how’d delighted I’d be if it could be me
to touch you, reopen to doors to the once warm and
wonderful person you were.


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