Wednesday, December 15, 2004

lol what a boring blog

hehe i noticed that my blog mainly consist of design talk. thats robably boring to most people. but i guess ican't help being anyone but myself. anyway, came across a website... explains how design effects business ... read up heh ..

Saturday, December 11, 2004

corporate image?

a shick product

the free gift

i reckon everyone knows schick. i mean its a name that every man and woman would know anyway. well, i was going through some things in my house the other day and i discovered a pen knife (also known as a swiss army knife to some). anyway it was a gift when someone in my house bought a schick shaver. anyway my reaction upon seeing the knife was.. 'oh .. this knife is kinda cool looking' then i tried cutting a few things with it... suprise suprise! the penknife wasn't even sharp!! how ironic for the penknife to bear the brand Schick on it and yet its not sharp!! wow... the irony !

anyway it amuses me how a brand name like schick would advertise itself as a sharp and smooth shaving tool and yet they give knock off penknives that aren't even sharp. it may not seem to be a big issue to some but, i believe that if you're trying to tell the world at you're good at something, you have to do it right. after all there's the corporate image to keep right ? anyway i don't have anything against schick nor do i favour any other brand razors. i'm just merely pointing out a fact.

on the more serious side.. i'm still waiting for the news from the loan officer. gosh its already december i don't even know i can make a visa on time.. bah the world. :)

guess thats all for now.. don't really know what to say

Sunday, December 05, 2004

words couldn't describe it

i don't know when was the last time i felt this way. sort of feel sad, depressed, frustrated, angry and helpless at the same time. i guess what makes me feel worse is that i don't know what's going to happen or what i should do because i'm kept in the dark. it's december now, and i've yet to get any new from the darned bank... my quest to search for a government loan or a mara loan has been totally fruitless. i dont' understand why mara loan officers don't even want to consider me as a loan candidate as soon as they hear that i want to get my degree in INDUSTRIAL DESIGN. to them... design is ART,.. what a misconception. they stated that they offer loans to those who are in the engineering, medical or bio-tech field. so in other words, i' have got my diploma and there fore that is all i get? hmm... bollocks