Saturday, March 12, 2005

feeling happy? i guess

ok.. i know its been really really long since i updated this site. kinda lost the gist of doing it anyway.. but then again.. you know sometimes you feel the need to write? well here it goes i guess, lets' see... the past few weeks been pretty boring. so let me just summarize it all up.

my plan of going to uk and doing my Honours Degree in Industrial Design is no longer a plan. because, well unlike some fortunate people who have the funds to spend about 140 thousand ringgint malaysia for one and half years, i don't. i also couldn't secure a study loan from a bank, because i don't happen to have any eligible guarantors for the loan. and has anyone realized that the interest rate for bank loans? I WOULDN'T EVEN BE ABLE TO BUY A CAR OR HOUSE AND PAY THE LOAN if i got paid what designers were getting paid here in malaysia.

so anyway, i decided to enroll for my degree in industrial design here in limkokwing. 24k for my degree in a year. guess thats not a bad deal at all, but what i hate is the travelling there everyday though. even though its like only a 20 minutes drive, but i really don't like the environment there. its just too damn hot. before i've even started climbing the 6 flight of stairs (my class is on the 3rd floor), i''ve alreayd started sweating.

my guitarist, rueben, has gone off to do architecture in perth. and well... his absence, is felt. i really miss the old days when we could sit down at a mamak stall for hours just whining about the education system, about our generation, maybe some politics, tho we don't really see eye to eye on that subject. but most of all i really miss our conversations about music. he's a really good guitarist that can play by ear, and well... the only reason why i started singing again when i went to college. i guess things would be great when he comes back, but i doubt that they would be the same again.

there's plenty more i would love to write here. but i don't know if its appropriate to do so for public reading. :)


At 12:53 PM, Blogger KY said...

everything is ok for public reading. why not?

At 4:43 PM, Anonymous ShaolinTiger said...

Write more often dude, we miss you ;)


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