Friday, April 01, 2005

Posting from Limkokwing University Of Creative Technology

Oh well its Friday afternoon, and i'm sitting here in the Plaza (thats where LUCCT students have their food if the are too lazy to go out for lunch). Facing a classmate that's 'enjoying' his steak whilst the other two classmates just left for the Friday prayers.

So, yeah.. its been a very hectic week, with probably maximum sleep of 4 hours daily. Assignments are piling up and this Tuesday,we've got to have 50 different variations of logos for our company. Never in my life have i done 50 sketches for a single assignment.

Well, besides that, I've had a non-existant night life, very much different from before i started my classes. No guys, this isn't the dissapearing act i normally pull when i'm too depressed, so worry not. I guess i'll see u guys on saturday night... IF I CAN FINISH MY ASSIGNMENTS.

till then,
Peace, love and chicken grease