Thursday, June 30, 2005

Which Looks better..??

in the quest of finding out what to wear in about 7 hours for presentation... i took some pics to document this.. have fun..

dark blue shirt... ala mafia :P

Dark blue also.. damn i hate my nose

Same shirt.. different pose.. hahaha

Good Evening ... I'm Father Dree... come my child...

it was just a piece of paper i stuck on.. hope noone takes offense.. HAHA

Monday, June 27, 2005

an hour fourty nine minutes past twelve

so its an hour and fourty nine minutes past twelve on the 27th June 2005. how do i feel being twenty-two? well doesn't anyone feel any older when their birthday comes (i'm not exactly twenty two yet.. not until 830 something in the morning ). as usual an uneventful day such as the years gone by. kinda start to love this peace and quiet i get on this date. :D ... thanks jason for wishing me ya... not like you read this.. hehe.. so i'm back from Asia Cafe and a quick yum char session at darulsalam with Galvin Tan and Jack. Long day ahead, with reports to write and scaled models to build, all in preparation for D-day @ 28th - 29th June. wish me all the best.. first time doing a presentation to a Gwai Lou.. i'm actually worried that a fake australian accent will surface on that day... pray for me...

till then...

Sunday, June 26, 2005

out of love or what ??

today i sat down reflecting on how i felt about my work. i it brought me back to a time when i was still pretty 'fresh' in design. i just wonder how much i've changed, and how misguided i've became throughout the years. there was a time that i was very excited to design, eager to get things moving, open to fresh ideas and styles, but what has happened since then. doesn't take a wise guy to notice the change in my work too. the shapes and forms i draw out has become to rigid, unimaginative in some way. maybe i've lost the sense of adventure or something... i don't know..

somehow i believe that the more you do something, the more you learn, the more you need to forget. go back to square one and relearn wha you have got so far. maybe it has somethign to do with finding your roots again. i feel that the further ahead i move ahead absorbed i become in trying to be better to the extent of loosing my individuality. whats the point of doing design if one loses his sense of uniqueness?

hopefully i will find myself again, rediscover this passion to create or something.. hopefully in the coming three weeks break i can do that. see the difference for yourself... pics of my previous and current work below.

exo-skeleton, designed by azad, 2002

exo-skeleton, designed by azad, 2002

warisan, designed by azad, 2005

Saturday, June 25, 2005

me? calm ? hell no!!!

well its been ages since i wrote a proper post.. hey in fact its been like months... i think noone even comes here anymore since i've been inactive for quite sometim.

so anyway, there's this thing that i find pretty weird. my classmates of product design semester 07 have this odd perception that i'm like a super calm guy eventhough submission deadlines are creeping closer and closer. but hey? me @ the cowboy, the farmer, steelrage CALM? hell no. i just don't see the point in fussing around work that cannot be finished or projects gone awry to people in my own class.... therefore i'm always calm when accepting SHOCKING news on new submission dates. and since my classmates have this thought that i'm probably calm because i've FINISHED all my work, they tend to ask me for help to do theirs. why, just the other day a dude came over my place to asking me for help in de-bugging his flash assignment. so i did, and after that i had to spend time drilling another classmates prototype. and i tell you... drilling through stainless steel is a bitch.

little did they know that things on my side are also going wrong. whats gone wrong?

for one, accidentally sanded MY BEAUTIFUL stained NYATOH table top.. and from looking NEW and elegant.. it looked like it was some piece of 20 year old wood. so i (by I, i mean me and my DAD ) had to sand down the wood stain to bare wood and start over again.. pictures below...

table before sanding....$%^&*^%

*note* thats my nephew there looking like a gorilla

after my mistake!!!

ARGHhhh looks more like cheapo wood then Nyatoh!!! @#$%^&*

so anyway, its all goode now and i just applied the second layer of woodstain... perhaps tomorroi can put the satin varnish on.. hope i can do it all on time. and my fellow classmates (if you're reading this) it's not that i don't like helping... i really do.. just hope you don't get thrown off by my calm facade in class.. i really don't like to grumble about workload to you guys. (no offense meant)

i guess thats about it for this post.. i'm looking forward to getting my own hosting and domain name.. shaolintiger.... u got lobang for this or not??

till then...

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Sorry lah people, really had no time updating this.. but i REALLY PROMISE soon.. uhmm as soon as someone tell me where i get get hosting... :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


hmm my blog has been put currently on hold till further notice.. will update and revamp later when i have the free time.. so sorry.. but i don't think anyone reads this anyway :D