Monday, June 27, 2005

an hour fourty nine minutes past twelve

so its an hour and fourty nine minutes past twelve on the 27th June 2005. how do i feel being twenty-two? well doesn't anyone feel any older when their birthday comes (i'm not exactly twenty two yet.. not until 830 something in the morning ). as usual an uneventful day such as the years gone by. kinda start to love this peace and quiet i get on this date. :D ... thanks jason for wishing me ya... not like you read this.. hehe.. so i'm back from Asia Cafe and a quick yum char session at darulsalam with Galvin Tan and Jack. Long day ahead, with reports to write and scaled models to build, all in preparation for D-day @ 28th - 29th June. wish me all the best.. first time doing a presentation to a Gwai Lou.. i'm actually worried that a fake australian accent will surface on that day... pray for me...

till then...


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