Sunday, June 26, 2005

out of love or what ??

today i sat down reflecting on how i felt about my work. i it brought me back to a time when i was still pretty 'fresh' in design. i just wonder how much i've changed, and how misguided i've became throughout the years. there was a time that i was very excited to design, eager to get things moving, open to fresh ideas and styles, but what has happened since then. doesn't take a wise guy to notice the change in my work too. the shapes and forms i draw out has become to rigid, unimaginative in some way. maybe i've lost the sense of adventure or something... i don't know..

somehow i believe that the more you do something, the more you learn, the more you need to forget. go back to square one and relearn wha you have got so far. maybe it has somethign to do with finding your roots again. i feel that the further ahead i move ahead absorbed i become in trying to be better to the extent of loosing my individuality. whats the point of doing design if one loses his sense of uniqueness?

hopefully i will find myself again, rediscover this passion to create or something.. hopefully in the coming three weeks break i can do that. see the difference for yourself... pics of my previous and current work below.

exo-skeleton, designed by azad, 2002

exo-skeleton, designed by azad, 2002

warisan, designed by azad, 2005


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