Saturday, July 30, 2005

11:05am Saturday morning

sitting here reading shaolintiger's blog then a message from who else but The Great Faggot read 'Yes badminton please at 2pm'. i guess i've got my afternoon slot planned for something eh? anyway, my body is doing it again! i sleep at night by 9-10pm... then i wake up at 3-4 am !!! argh i hate it.. i thought i got things sorted since i started sleeping at normal hours a few days ago. but noooooo.. i had the smart i dea of playing dota last night and see what happens?? DOTA SUCKS...

so i woke up at 2 somethign this morning, and considering the fact that my astro bill has not been payed, therefor NO ASTRO .. i had nothign to do.. so i watch xXx the next level for a while. finished that.. then played MORE dota.... got bored of it.. watch miss congeniality 2 ..finished that and well.. i'm online now...

past few days was spent on thinking about... hmm i'm not sure., so many things.... i got bored off staying at home all day, i walked out of my room and saw my roadbike sitting there with flat tires. so i decided to like pump some air in to the tires and take it out for a spin. First thing that came to my mind was... "wow.. do i still remember how to ride this thingy?" but as soon as i got on it it was fine.. a little wobbly and shaky ( a road bike does that you know, narror handlebars, skinner tires...steep head tube angle) left my house at like 6pm... and at 6:15pm.. i was panting.. haha.. cigarettes suck. couldn't even do a stand sprint for more then 5 minutes ... got off my bike to go get a drink.. and the moment i got off i felt a head rush.. and i think the store cashier was probably wondering why i looked so pale..

then i decided to go like 'lepak' at the fields around my area... started off at Usj 11... sat on me bike looking at kids play soccer.. and i was wondering why is it that kids gave up playing on the FIELD and started playing soccer in the badminton court.. bah... maybe they lazy to run so far kut.. dunno... after that i proceeded to usj 5... watched kids playing soccer again... then i cycled around the park abit.. then saw this chick sitting on the bench.. could have been someone's older sister or some baby's mom.. but what do i care?? she looked hotttttt... i think i should cycle around usj 5 more next time..

left the park in usj 5 then went back to usj 9, sat down on the bench.. and some old chinese dude walked by and set on the bench on my left.. the doode was looking at me and my bike.. then i had nothign to do.. i tried to lift my road bike with 2 fingers.. and i think i saw an amused expression on his face.. hehe.. "yes uncle.. this bike all aluminum .. double butted nd also got a carbon fibre fork".. i wish i said that but i had no balls ... hehe .. after a while i headed home.

i haven't felt this happy in ages. taking my bike out for a ride was all i needed to clear my mind. watching kids having fun playing with smiles on their faces even made me feel better. the only downside is.. i now have a SORE ASS... my fkkn butt hurts everytime i sit on a hard surface now... stupid Selle Italia seat wih TITANIUM seat rails.. fkkn hard ah!!! ... maybe i should rebuild my free-ride bike and take it for a spin nexttime.. i'm sure my butt would enjoy the softer seat and the rock shox judy suspension i have on it.. been a long time since i jumped a drain or two , pull a wheelie or bunny hopped also i wonder if i remember how to jump a bike anymore. I miss my cycling buddies, who's all gone off... to Nz , Australia even Germany... don't think you guys read me.. but for the sake of good memmories... i'll post some pics of the gang that used to be :D

(yeahhh those where the days when i used to wear camo shorts :P)
and the dude inthe black shirt is NUTTS I TELL YOU.. he frigging does jumps on a GT avalance with a friggin RIGID fork..

Thursday, July 28, 2005


so i woke up at 10am today.. i kinda only noticed that my registration at college was today instead of thursday like really late the night before.. to make things worse.. what woke me up was shouts from my mom.. hehe ... she was scolding my nephew about something ... NOONE likes to be woken up by loud hollars RIGHT? so ok that was the beginning of a crappy day.

so i had my shower and did my daily morning rituals in the loo, walked down.. and suddenly my mom started screaming at me.. hahaha how fun. nvm that.. but what kinda annoyed me was when she mentioned something about me incapable of handling my studies and how i was wasting alot of time. i get really annoyed when i'm accused of wasting time when i should be doing work. i mean , just coz i'm behind closed doors doesn't mean i'm asleep, when in actual fact i'm staying up all night probably facing the darned computer screen trying to do my cad or etc. ok so nvm.. small matter.. she probably didn't know ..

so left home at about 11am, feeling crappy as it is.. stopped by the petrol station ... fueled up. then off i went.. reached cyberjaya abt 20 minutes later.. and headed up to check my results.. which was a suprise.. coz the subject which i was expecting to get REALLY bad marks for.. turned out to be the opposite... so after filling up the forms i went to que up for payment ... yeah limkokwing has a really screwed up way of registration whereby they try to get as much work done in the least possible time without the consideration of how irritating it is for students to like like up for an hour or so.

so there i stood in line.. and two indian girls chatted away behind me... which ANNOYED ME to hell coz one of them got a call from her boyfriend (i assume) and she was tlaking to him in the luvy dovey talk IN BROKEN FRIGGIN ENGLISH.. like saying "you have no right on me" (in a teasing way) ...(HOI ITS YOU"VE GOT NO RIGHT OVER ME.. NOT ON ME!!!) ... a chinese girl was standing in front of me... i was hoping it was a hot chick.. but my my was i let down... HAHA... anyway a friend of hers poped by as well.. and chit chat they did... then while i was just standing behind her.. i peaked at her Course Advising Form (some form all students are supposed to fill up with the name of modules and what not) ... so i noticed that in the YEAR OF ENTRY COLUMN.. (were you're supposed to fill p YEAR AND MONTH OF ENTRY TO COLLEGE) she filled up o71986 !! and i was like.. WHOAAAA july 1986... and ... HEY she must have filled in her month and year of BIRTH... probably thinking it was YEAR OF ENTRY TO PLANET EARTH or something...

so it was her turn at the counter.. (i'm still behind her.. can see the forms and all) then she produced the offer letter from limkokwing.. and on it, something like this was printed


OMGWTF... NOT BAD AT ALL.... obtain a scholarship for having straight A's and YET STILL FILL IN YOUR B.O.D in the year of entry column.. BEST!!~! maybe thats why i'm not under scholarship.. coz i know how to fill in the forms... bah..

i'm in a crappy mood...i'm a mean mean boy

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

pwahh.. heavy dinner ..

yeap.. its 0006 hrs, and i've just reached home (reached home earlier if you wanna count the time i spent on the throne..) HAD LIKE A SUPER DINNER TODAY with KY, Sotong, Suanie, Horny, Galvin Tan, ST, Kim, Terenceg and the lovely Saint and of course chas(dunno how to spell his name leh!) and was later on joined by Nurul and a friend . dinner was at a restaurant over in kepong. so sorry i don't have pictures but i assume terenceg would have some up i guess. anywya the dinner coincided with chas's birthday and also #mamak on dalNet's 10 years birthday.

so its been a pretty much uneventful week for me. just counting down my holidays as it goes by. been building the bench cum cabinet for Studio 78 in Asia cafe.. so thats pretty much what i've been up to. also am currently missing my notebook as its' at the shop changing me lcd screen coz there's a line on it (manufacturing defect i suppose).

been meaning to write something abt mamaks' coz of something I saw on edisi siasat on NTV 7 (nope.. don't normally watch local TV.. but KY's PLACE GOT NO ASTRO....)... anyway.. running out of words to say already... chiao first

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

some thinking needed indeed

i may need some help in these matters here. see i came home from Horus (cybercafe in ss2) where i was dota-ing with `smacker, i reached home at about 0630 - 0700hrs. i reached home, unscrewed my left car speaker to glue back the surrounds as it was peeling off, then lay down to watch some telly. as usual i switched over to the discovery channel (i'm awfully addicted to that).

so what was on was a show called 'the wright stuff' a story about some american dude trying to recreate and build a replica of the wright brothers airplane ...can't recall if it was called kittie hawk or if kittie hawk was the place it first flew. so i observed the craftmenship that went into building the plane... and of course it was build out of my favourite material ,wood. it was really beautiful, not plain beautiful..but probably somewhat orgasmic to look a the outcome of it. YES i'm weird in that way. i appreaciate finely crafted things.

so anyway, this weird thought occured in my mind. what if i gave up designing. stop it all. never take up a job being a guy with 'adry azad alauddin - industrial designer' written on his name card? what if i just walked away from this field i have been studying for the past 4 years ? maybe i chose the wrong filed to study, but then again even from a young age i've always wanted to be somesort of a builder. so the big question is... what if i traded being an industrial designer, and just became a craftsmen.

i may not have the exact skill or experience to be one yet, but there's definately alot more i can learn from my father, of whom i respect very much for this meticulous attention to detail, for he, i view truly as a craftsperson.

oh i don't know if being a craftsman would work in the day and age we live in today. i don't know if people still valued the way things look when its been made well. will i be able to make enough money to support those whom are dearest to me? it just seem tat people these day have lost all appreciation for things like that, everyone wants cheap stuff. but at the same time complain about it being crappy in quality. look at all the reviews malaysian products are getting anyway...

so yes i'm left in a dillemma now. i love working with wood, though my skills SHOULD be sharpened alot. in fact, oddly enough whenever i do any sort of woodwork, i feel peace, even when sanding something down i feel as if i'm gently craddling a baby in my arms. hmm i think i've strayed a little fro the topic.

so should i give up industrial design and concentrate on learning more about wood and end up being a craftsman (i hope?). or should i continue my studies and pursue a career in industrial design, and later on maybe do my masters specializing in furniture design (MFA i think its called) ? suddenly the song by 'Bone Thugs and Harmony - Crossroads' is playing in my mind.....

Monday, July 11, 2005

definition of dree

definition of dree

yeah, i'm on holidays now... and what do people do normally when they have too much time? well i don't know.. but i, well i think. i think of all the weirdest things on eather and how weird i am too. so a few days back i was watching this show on channel 11 ( discovery : travel and adventure <-- i think thats what's its called). anyway, they were showing something regarding the las vegas bike week.

so there i sat (lay) watching it… and admired the beautiful bikes and stuff. Then after that there was RIDES on channel 50. and well if you don’t watch Discovery Rides, ts a show about custom hotrods… and everytime I watch it I DROOL with envy. So i began reflecting on why is it that i love cars or bikes that look like that so much. i kept on wondering.. and suddenly i realized that most of the things i fancy are older looking stuff, not ony those that look old, but the stuff that are just plain OLD. for example, i would like to own a Toyota Celica 1978.

celica 1978.

okay maybe it doesn't look to great! but i love it okay. but that's not the only old thingy i like, i also happen to like OLD SCHOOL seiko kinetik watches. and i only have one, which my dad bought probably in the early or late 70s. i also like old school cameras, like a Bronica S2, which is a camera my grandfather owned (which somehow managed to be misplaced by someone in the family) and for some weird reason i seem to value black and white photographs more the coloured ones. i also listen to old school music, those by stevie wonder, the black crowes, rolling stones and bands from that era. quite weird for a guy born in the year 1983. i just wonder why is it that i feel this way. i some how feel things that were made in the early days have a 'rounder' apprearance, soft in some ways. it just seem to look friendlier, and things designed these days seem to be so... edgy, boxy .. ah i think i've lost myself here.. yet again.

so the whole point is, maybe i could take example from these old school designs, maybe i could apply it to my own design, maybe i could make it my style because for the past 4 years, i've been trying to look for a design style that scread BY ADRY AZAD, but i just couldn't find any. ... just maybe i can.. :D

Thursday, July 07, 2005

really think its that easy?

was reading through paul tan's blog then i came across this comment on his blog regarding the malaysian cars.

  1. Y.A.C.C = Yet anoher Cloned car? ..

    enough laa.. there’s so many TIPU OLANG BOLO punya keleta laa.. How long we r malaysian gonna be like this. = foolish!..

    Daihatsu owned Perodua since last year.. (and actually i dont think it’s okay with the nae PErusahaan Automobil kedua YET!.. perusahaan automobil KLON is okay la.. dont put it like malaysian company la.. buat malu saja..

    Haiya.. stupit.. really stupid.. malu aku jadi maraysian…

    Comment by savvo — 5/7/2005 @ 5:54 pm


i don't know but i often feel annoyed when someone complains about a cars' design, maybe i feel so because i'm a designer myself. the Myvi looks like the toyta vitz .. and so on and so forth. but hats a CURRENT trend in the automotive industry, so i'm not suprised the cars look generic... and on the topic of Perodua producing DAIHATSU models... it's not as if WE'RE copying their designs... we're LICENCED to produce them. so whats all this nonsense about cloning? i agree that our car industry has still got a long way to go in designing and producing cars that are up to par with the other foreign car manufacturers, but what the local car manufacturers are doing is definately a step in the right direction. bare in mind, buiding a new car need a whole lot of R&D .. its not like cars are just welded in a day and put on the market tomorrow. it takes thousands of hours fine tuning and what not..

ok.. so that said... now.. i do have gripes about the locally produced car.. not design wise but ..quality wise. i recall stepping into a proton showroom a few weeks ago when the Savvy was released. i was eager to see Proton's new offering. first impression of the overal looks, hmm not so fantastic.. maybe it just isn't to my liking.. after all design IS subjective. but the defining moment was when i opened the car door. the first thing i noticed was the plastic-ish looking door trim. i was utterly turned off and close the door and walked off. btw. i'm still driving the first generation Perodua Kancils.. sure i hate it , with the lacking of proper door trims, plastic dashboard, instrument panels that are ALMOST not visible at night.. and stuff.. but we malaysians want everythign for rock bottom price.. oi peng, oi leng, oi cheng.... mo ho lang tai lou!

anyway... just my two cents...

a long lost story

what follows is a story that happened probably a couple of years back.. nonetheless, it definately brought us closer :P

KY's gif is stil the PWN ... mine still sucks .. :D

This is how, the story of the Sprinter, Hurdler and the Joker came about.... heh

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


I am going to die at 71. When are you? Click here to find out!

venting some anger

i know.. unable to play dota PERFECTLY on battlenet is such a small reason to be pissed off at Streamyx. but damn its so annoying, for one, i've been lagging out of games for frequently in the past 2 days, my nick which had a good reputation until now, has gone down the drain. its so frustrating when you've played for about 20 minutes and gathered so much gold and when you want to buy something, you lag out. so WHAT IS UP with streamyx. whats with this shoddy service, i know i didn't do any reaserch on what their problems are lately but still! you can spend so much money making tv ads d trying to advertise that everything is within reach with tm net, but still i can't even enjo 2-3 hours playing dota on battlenet !!!! what the fuck is wrong with you!!! if you're going to fucking monopolise the frigging market can you PLEASE like give me good service? SHEESH ... see... i'm so frustrated that i've even broke my rule on NOT SWEARING nd using MINIMAL UPPER CASE alphabets. ARGH!!!!

Monday, July 04, 2005

so what is a designer

ever since i started doing industrial design, many people has aked me what is design and what is industrial design... why FA just asked me what i was doing over dinner earlier today (or should i say yesterday) and when i said i doing my degree in industrial design, she went oh designing tables, chairs and cabinets? so i went on explaining that we did much more then just that.

but i was watching channel v up till a few minutes ago and it was showing some program about fashion and stuff, and it got me thinking, i'm pretty clear on what is design.. but what is a designer? hmm that question started to puzzle me. so now i try to piece together what my perception of a designer is...

basically IMHO i think that a designer is basically just another person like you and I,,, who well just take the time to concentrate on little things that people more often than not just don't spare any econd thoughts about. has anyone actually took the time to even wonder about the small thngs such as how the box of a pack of Dunhill 20s ( or any other cigarette for that matter) accomodates exactly 20 cigarettes snuggly ? or how cellphones these days fit right in your palm without any pointy edges that poke you while using it. or even how the paperclip, though so simplistic in form serves its purpose almost perfectly? so if my taht is my understanding of a designer, then who can be a designer? hmmm well i believe anyone can. doens't matter if you have crappy sketches ( like i do ) or how creatively challenged you may think you are. i just feel that as long as someone take the time and studies his subject and putting what he/she thinks is best into it, that would make a great design. after all, all the proffesions out that is about putting time and dedicating yourself into doing something right anyway.

someone once told me that (not his exact words but my understanding of what he said), a table will always be a table in its form, and the form cannot be very different anyway, but what differentiates a designed table from any other table is, the ammount of detailing that is put into it, whether from the aesthetics point of view or functionality.

so, conclusion? what makes a table better = the ammount of detailing that's put into it... and well detailing = time.. therefor i would summeries a designer as , a person who puts effort and time into improving something no matter how miniscule the change or improvement maybe, up to a point that the designer is actually trying to be a perfectionist.

hmmm reading what i just wrote .. suddenly it doesnt seem to make sense anymore.. but what the heck.. it sounded brilliant when i was thinking it over in my mind. anyway, that piece of advice has really altered my views on how i view designing now. I remember at the beginning of the furniture design project, i was often frustrated with my sketches and ideas, and i kep complaining to my fellow classmates on how my sketch of a table look pretty but it still looked like a god damned table... but now i realize that , its much more then trying to create something unique, or fancy, its about trying to make an improvement that in the end the user would appreciate it, withot even knowing, that there was an improvement made to begin with.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

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help me i'm addicted

someone please feed my addiction, lately i've been addicted to this thing. and i think i can't get myself off it. its bad... really bad. i once thought i would just try it for the fun of it, but now i do it almost everyday.... everynight.... every moment that i have freetime. its cost me a great deal of cash and i'm afraid i can't jsut stop here.. someone please ..cure me of my addiction for DOTA ..


Saturday, July 02, 2005

having nothing to look forward to sucks

well i woke up this morning (ahemm... afternoon..) and lazed in bed trying to figure out what to do. i don't think i've felt this way before, well if i did, it hasn't in the past 5 months during the semester. so i lay there thinking of what to do, and it struck me, i'm so bored because i have nothign to look forward to! in an odd way you might label me as a workaholic. all of a sudden i wished i had something to design, somethign to build, when during the past few months all i craved for was a break, ... a holiday, ... sometime away from deadlines and submission.

so tonight, i did a weird thing. i went over to asia cafe and asked my friend what he wanted built for his outlet. and YAY he needed a 'storage cum bench' to store the shoes he sells. i'm overjoyed by this.. especially when i have the chance of getting dirty and building something. hopefully i can get started on this project by monday. besides that, i also plan to have a wood steaming enclosure built so i can explore further with the techniques of woodworking. i can't hardly wait. also have been meaning to build this table i saw that was made from bent tubular steel, the twist would be building it out of bent wood.. perhaps i could post the pictures here once i made the wood steaming contraption.

till then..

Friday, July 01, 2005

after the 30th June 2005

so today is like a day after my final presentation. and gee must i say this.... after complaining about how busy i was for the past 5 months... all of a sudden i feel so free.. had about 20 hours of sleep and today i wake up feeling so bored and long to have something to do.. well hmmm

well as always, yesterday prior to the presentation , i was pretty calm, not because i was very confident about anything rather because i have this mindset that its already too late, and if anythign bad would happen, then it will. so why bother panickin? pretty son it was my turn to go in to the studio and face Micheal English and Mr. Isradzi for my presentation. Micheal was pretty much a nice guy, and mad me feel REALLY SHORT, dude is probably almost as tall as Shaolintiger and looked even more like a giant sitting on the chair. Anyway he gave me some good comments and also raised some issues as i believe he has background in the furniture industry as well. I was in there for about 15 minutes or so.. then i went out.. feeling happy.. and stuff

and a few moments later.. some dude that came back from UK dropped by to say hi to his friends.. and thats when i actually got pissed off.. not at him. but at the fact that he's studying the same course in UK. The university that i wanted to go to. So yes i felt very sad and quite grudgeful. I mean why is it that he gets to go and i don't ? Whilst 60% ( quote from some email i got yesterday) of the students overseas are MALAYS, i didn't get to go.. even tho i'm also bumiputra? I try very hard to be thankful that i can do my degree here, but i don't know its still very hard for me to accept the fact that i'm not there. oh well i don't know.

so we went into the class again fora photoshoot with the rest of the classmates, we ad a little talk with Michael again, then they left and i went out for a cigarette, and the Frank Sinatra's My Way was playing on the campus radio.. quite odd.. but somehow it felt soothing listening to it.. after all i've been thru this semester.. and stuff... just felt like a free person with not as much burdens...

welll i don't know what else to say...

till then...

eh ky.. i wanna help .. gimme somethign to do