Saturday, July 30, 2005

11:05am Saturday morning

sitting here reading shaolintiger's blog then a message from who else but The Great Faggot read 'Yes badminton please at 2pm'. i guess i've got my afternoon slot planned for something eh? anyway, my body is doing it again! i sleep at night by 9-10pm... then i wake up at 3-4 am !!! argh i hate it.. i thought i got things sorted since i started sleeping at normal hours a few days ago. but noooooo.. i had the smart i dea of playing dota last night and see what happens?? DOTA SUCKS...

so i woke up at 2 somethign this morning, and considering the fact that my astro bill has not been payed, therefor NO ASTRO .. i had nothign to do.. so i watch xXx the next level for a while. finished that.. then played MORE dota.... got bored of it.. watch miss congeniality 2 ..finished that and well.. i'm online now...

past few days was spent on thinking about... hmm i'm not sure., so many things.... i got bored off staying at home all day, i walked out of my room and saw my roadbike sitting there with flat tires. so i decided to like pump some air in to the tires and take it out for a spin. First thing that came to my mind was... "wow.. do i still remember how to ride this thingy?" but as soon as i got on it it was fine.. a little wobbly and shaky ( a road bike does that you know, narror handlebars, skinner tires...steep head tube angle) left my house at like 6pm... and at 6:15pm.. i was panting.. haha.. cigarettes suck. couldn't even do a stand sprint for more then 5 minutes ... got off my bike to go get a drink.. and the moment i got off i felt a head rush.. and i think the store cashier was probably wondering why i looked so pale..

then i decided to go like 'lepak' at the fields around my area... started off at Usj 11... sat on me bike looking at kids play soccer.. and i was wondering why is it that kids gave up playing on the FIELD and started playing soccer in the badminton court.. bah... maybe they lazy to run so far kut.. dunno... after that i proceeded to usj 5... watched kids playing soccer again... then i cycled around the park abit.. then saw this chick sitting on the bench.. could have been someone's older sister or some baby's mom.. but what do i care?? she looked hotttttt... i think i should cycle around usj 5 more next time..

left the park in usj 5 then went back to usj 9, sat down on the bench.. and some old chinese dude walked by and set on the bench on my left.. the doode was looking at me and my bike.. then i had nothign to do.. i tried to lift my road bike with 2 fingers.. and i think i saw an amused expression on his face.. hehe.. "yes uncle.. this bike all aluminum .. double butted nd also got a carbon fibre fork".. i wish i said that but i had no balls ... hehe .. after a while i headed home.

i haven't felt this happy in ages. taking my bike out for a ride was all i needed to clear my mind. watching kids having fun playing with smiles on their faces even made me feel better. the only downside is.. i now have a SORE ASS... my fkkn butt hurts everytime i sit on a hard surface now... stupid Selle Italia seat wih TITANIUM seat rails.. fkkn hard ah!!! ... maybe i should rebuild my free-ride bike and take it for a spin nexttime.. i'm sure my butt would enjoy the softer seat and the rock shox judy suspension i have on it.. been a long time since i jumped a drain or two , pull a wheelie or bunny hopped also i wonder if i remember how to jump a bike anymore. I miss my cycling buddies, who's all gone off... to Nz , Australia even Germany... don't think you guys read me.. but for the sake of good memmories... i'll post some pics of the gang that used to be :D

(yeahhh those where the days when i used to wear camo shorts :P)
and the dude inthe black shirt is NUTTS I TELL YOU.. he frigging does jumps on a GT avalance with a friggin RIGID fork..


At 3:20 PM, Blogger KY said...

that's why i quit dota, sorta. hehee

At 9:37 PM, Blogger fooDcrazEE said...

er... ater ciggie still can ride like dat ?

At 6:23 PM, Anonymous paul said...

yo dude, just visitin, here's someone else who quit dota: keep chillin' man!


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