Friday, July 01, 2005

after the 30th June 2005

so today is like a day after my final presentation. and gee must i say this.... after complaining about how busy i was for the past 5 months... all of a sudden i feel so free.. had about 20 hours of sleep and today i wake up feeling so bored and long to have something to do.. well hmmm

well as always, yesterday prior to the presentation , i was pretty calm, not because i was very confident about anything rather because i have this mindset that its already too late, and if anythign bad would happen, then it will. so why bother panickin? pretty son it was my turn to go in to the studio and face Micheal English and Mr. Isradzi for my presentation. Micheal was pretty much a nice guy, and mad me feel REALLY SHORT, dude is probably almost as tall as Shaolintiger and looked even more like a giant sitting on the chair. Anyway he gave me some good comments and also raised some issues as i believe he has background in the furniture industry as well. I was in there for about 15 minutes or so.. then i went out.. feeling happy.. and stuff

and a few moments later.. some dude that came back from UK dropped by to say hi to his friends.. and thats when i actually got pissed off.. not at him. but at the fact that he's studying the same course in UK. The university that i wanted to go to. So yes i felt very sad and quite grudgeful. I mean why is it that he gets to go and i don't ? Whilst 60% ( quote from some email i got yesterday) of the students overseas are MALAYS, i didn't get to go.. even tho i'm also bumiputra? I try very hard to be thankful that i can do my degree here, but i don't know its still very hard for me to accept the fact that i'm not there. oh well i don't know.

so we went into the class again fora photoshoot with the rest of the classmates, we ad a little talk with Michael again, then they left and i went out for a cigarette, and the Frank Sinatra's My Way was playing on the campus radio.. quite odd.. but somehow it felt soothing listening to it.. after all i've been thru this semester.. and stuff... just felt like a free person with not as much burdens...

welll i don't know what else to say...

till then...

eh ky.. i wanna help .. gimme somethign to do


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