Thursday, July 28, 2005


so i woke up at 10am today.. i kinda only noticed that my registration at college was today instead of thursday like really late the night before.. to make things worse.. what woke me up was shouts from my mom.. hehe ... she was scolding my nephew about something ... NOONE likes to be woken up by loud hollars RIGHT? so ok that was the beginning of a crappy day.

so i had my shower and did my daily morning rituals in the loo, walked down.. and suddenly my mom started screaming at me.. hahaha how fun. nvm that.. but what kinda annoyed me was when she mentioned something about me incapable of handling my studies and how i was wasting alot of time. i get really annoyed when i'm accused of wasting time when i should be doing work. i mean , just coz i'm behind closed doors doesn't mean i'm asleep, when in actual fact i'm staying up all night probably facing the darned computer screen trying to do my cad or etc. ok so nvm.. small matter.. she probably didn't know ..

so left home at about 11am, feeling crappy as it is.. stopped by the petrol station ... fueled up. then off i went.. reached cyberjaya abt 20 minutes later.. and headed up to check my results.. which was a suprise.. coz the subject which i was expecting to get REALLY bad marks for.. turned out to be the opposite... so after filling up the forms i went to que up for payment ... yeah limkokwing has a really screwed up way of registration whereby they try to get as much work done in the least possible time without the consideration of how irritating it is for students to like like up for an hour or so.

so there i stood in line.. and two indian girls chatted away behind me... which ANNOYED ME to hell coz one of them got a call from her boyfriend (i assume) and she was tlaking to him in the luvy dovey talk IN BROKEN FRIGGIN ENGLISH.. like saying "you have no right on me" (in a teasing way) ...(HOI ITS YOU"VE GOT NO RIGHT OVER ME.. NOT ON ME!!!) ... a chinese girl was standing in front of me... i was hoping it was a hot chick.. but my my was i let down... HAHA... anyway a friend of hers poped by as well.. and chit chat they did... then while i was just standing behind her.. i peaked at her Course Advising Form (some form all students are supposed to fill up with the name of modules and what not) ... so i noticed that in the YEAR OF ENTRY COLUMN.. (were you're supposed to fill p YEAR AND MONTH OF ENTRY TO COLLEGE) she filled up o71986 !! and i was like.. WHOAAAA july 1986... and ... HEY she must have filled in her month and year of BIRTH... probably thinking it was YEAR OF ENTRY TO PLANET EARTH or something...

so it was her turn at the counter.. (i'm still behind her.. can see the forms and all) then she produced the offer letter from limkokwing.. and on it, something like this was printed


OMGWTF... NOT BAD AT ALL.... obtain a scholarship for having straight A's and YET STILL FILL IN YOUR B.O.D in the year of entry column.. BEST!!~! maybe thats why i'm not under scholarship.. coz i know how to fill in the forms... bah..

i'm in a crappy mood...i'm a mean mean boy


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