Monday, July 11, 2005

definition of dree

definition of dree

yeah, i'm on holidays now... and what do people do normally when they have too much time? well i don't know.. but i, well i think. i think of all the weirdest things on eather and how weird i am too. so a few days back i was watching this show on channel 11 ( discovery : travel and adventure <-- i think thats what's its called). anyway, they were showing something regarding the las vegas bike week.

so there i sat (lay) watching it… and admired the beautiful bikes and stuff. Then after that there was RIDES on channel 50. and well if you don’t watch Discovery Rides, ts a show about custom hotrods… and everytime I watch it I DROOL with envy. So i began reflecting on why is it that i love cars or bikes that look like that so much. i kept on wondering.. and suddenly i realized that most of the things i fancy are older looking stuff, not ony those that look old, but the stuff that are just plain OLD. for example, i would like to own a Toyota Celica 1978.

celica 1978.

okay maybe it doesn't look to great! but i love it okay. but that's not the only old thingy i like, i also happen to like OLD SCHOOL seiko kinetik watches. and i only have one, which my dad bought probably in the early or late 70s. i also like old school cameras, like a Bronica S2, which is a camera my grandfather owned (which somehow managed to be misplaced by someone in the family) and for some weird reason i seem to value black and white photographs more the coloured ones. i also listen to old school music, those by stevie wonder, the black crowes, rolling stones and bands from that era. quite weird for a guy born in the year 1983. i just wonder why is it that i feel this way. i some how feel things that were made in the early days have a 'rounder' apprearance, soft in some ways. it just seem to look friendlier, and things designed these days seem to be so... edgy, boxy .. ah i think i've lost myself here.. yet again.

so the whole point is, maybe i could take example from these old school designs, maybe i could apply it to my own design, maybe i could make it my style because for the past 4 years, i've been trying to look for a design style that scread BY ADRY AZAD, but i just couldn't find any. ... just maybe i can.. :D


At 6:07 PM, Blogger galvintan said...

That fucking car is almost as old as me!


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