Saturday, July 02, 2005

having nothing to look forward to sucks

well i woke up this morning (ahemm... afternoon..) and lazed in bed trying to figure out what to do. i don't think i've felt this way before, well if i did, it hasn't in the past 5 months during the semester. so i lay there thinking of what to do, and it struck me, i'm so bored because i have nothign to look forward to! in an odd way you might label me as a workaholic. all of a sudden i wished i had something to design, somethign to build, when during the past few months all i craved for was a break, ... a holiday, ... sometime away from deadlines and submission.

so tonight, i did a weird thing. i went over to asia cafe and asked my friend what he wanted built for his outlet. and YAY he needed a 'storage cum bench' to store the shoes he sells. i'm overjoyed by this.. especially when i have the chance of getting dirty and building something. hopefully i can get started on this project by monday. besides that, i also plan to have a wood steaming enclosure built so i can explore further with the techniques of woodworking. i can't hardly wait. also have been meaning to build this table i saw that was made from bent tubular steel, the twist would be building it out of bent wood.. perhaps i could post the pictures here once i made the wood steaming contraption.

till then..


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