Thursday, July 07, 2005

really think its that easy?

was reading through paul tan's blog then i came across this comment on his blog regarding the malaysian cars.

  1. Y.A.C.C = Yet anoher Cloned car? ..

    enough laa.. there’s so many TIPU OLANG BOLO punya keleta laa.. How long we r malaysian gonna be like this. = foolish!..

    Daihatsu owned Perodua since last year.. (and actually i dont think it’s okay with the nae PErusahaan Automobil kedua YET!.. perusahaan automobil KLON is okay la.. dont put it like malaysian company la.. buat malu saja..

    Haiya.. stupit.. really stupid.. malu aku jadi maraysian…

    Comment by savvo — 5/7/2005 @ 5:54 pm


i don't know but i often feel annoyed when someone complains about a cars' design, maybe i feel so because i'm a designer myself. the Myvi looks like the toyta vitz .. and so on and so forth. but hats a CURRENT trend in the automotive industry, so i'm not suprised the cars look generic... and on the topic of Perodua producing DAIHATSU models... it's not as if WE'RE copying their designs... we're LICENCED to produce them. so whats all this nonsense about cloning? i agree that our car industry has still got a long way to go in designing and producing cars that are up to par with the other foreign car manufacturers, but what the local car manufacturers are doing is definately a step in the right direction. bare in mind, buiding a new car need a whole lot of R&D .. its not like cars are just welded in a day and put on the market tomorrow. it takes thousands of hours fine tuning and what not..

ok.. so that said... now.. i do have gripes about the locally produced car.. not design wise but ..quality wise. i recall stepping into a proton showroom a few weeks ago when the Savvy was released. i was eager to see Proton's new offering. first impression of the overal looks, hmm not so fantastic.. maybe it just isn't to my liking.. after all design IS subjective. but the defining moment was when i opened the car door. the first thing i noticed was the plastic-ish looking door trim. i was utterly turned off and close the door and walked off. btw. i'm still driving the first generation Perodua Kancils.. sure i hate it , with the lacking of proper door trims, plastic dashboard, instrument panels that are ALMOST not visible at night.. and stuff.. but we malaysians want everythign for rock bottom price.. oi peng, oi leng, oi cheng.... mo ho lang tai lou!

anyway... just my two cents...


At 11:42 AM, Blogger Jojo Low said...

Three ... ENGLAND PLEASE? can't seem to decipher "mo ho lang tai lou"!

At 12:49 PM, Blogger steelrage said...

Mou Ho Lang Tai Lou .. NO WAY BIG BROTHER!

At 3:18 PM, Anonymous ShaolinTiger said...

Yeah you but you have to admit they can't seem to come up with original designs, they have to pinjam bit here and bit there from other cars and designers, were other manufacturers manage to come out with unique and innovative designs..

Totally agree with the quality thing tho, but remember savvy is a budget car, I mean all Proton cars have the SHITTEST electric window motors ever.

Perodua quality > proton.

At 6:18 PM, Blogger steelrage said...

all right i admit.. but i still think they're getting better.. and YES perodua cars seem to be better.. i'm particularly inlove with the kelisa.. but ..expansive la.. to me


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