Monday, July 04, 2005

so what is a designer

ever since i started doing industrial design, many people has aked me what is design and what is industrial design... why FA just asked me what i was doing over dinner earlier today (or should i say yesterday) and when i said i doing my degree in industrial design, she went oh designing tables, chairs and cabinets? so i went on explaining that we did much more then just that.

but i was watching channel v up till a few minutes ago and it was showing some program about fashion and stuff, and it got me thinking, i'm pretty clear on what is design.. but what is a designer? hmm that question started to puzzle me. so now i try to piece together what my perception of a designer is...

basically IMHO i think that a designer is basically just another person like you and I,,, who well just take the time to concentrate on little things that people more often than not just don't spare any econd thoughts about. has anyone actually took the time to even wonder about the small thngs such as how the box of a pack of Dunhill 20s ( or any other cigarette for that matter) accomodates exactly 20 cigarettes snuggly ? or how cellphones these days fit right in your palm without any pointy edges that poke you while using it. or even how the paperclip, though so simplistic in form serves its purpose almost perfectly? so if my taht is my understanding of a designer, then who can be a designer? hmmm well i believe anyone can. doens't matter if you have crappy sketches ( like i do ) or how creatively challenged you may think you are. i just feel that as long as someone take the time and studies his subject and putting what he/she thinks is best into it, that would make a great design. after all, all the proffesions out that is about putting time and dedicating yourself into doing something right anyway.

someone once told me that (not his exact words but my understanding of what he said), a table will always be a table in its form, and the form cannot be very different anyway, but what differentiates a designed table from any other table is, the ammount of detailing that is put into it, whether from the aesthetics point of view or functionality.

so, conclusion? what makes a table better = the ammount of detailing that's put into it... and well detailing = time.. therefor i would summeries a designer as , a person who puts effort and time into improving something no matter how miniscule the change or improvement maybe, up to a point that the designer is actually trying to be a perfectionist.

hmmm reading what i just wrote .. suddenly it doesnt seem to make sense anymore.. but what the heck.. it sounded brilliant when i was thinking it over in my mind. anyway, that piece of advice has really altered my views on how i view designing now. I remember at the beginning of the furniture design project, i was often frustrated with my sketches and ideas, and i kep complaining to my fellow classmates on how my sketch of a table look pretty but it still looked like a god damned table... but now i realize that , its much more then trying to create something unique, or fancy, its about trying to make an improvement that in the end the user would appreciate it, withot even knowing, that there was an improvement made to begin with.


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