Tuesday, July 12, 2005

some thinking needed indeed

i may need some help in these matters here. see i came home from Horus (cybercafe in ss2) where i was dota-ing with `smacker, i reached home at about 0630 - 0700hrs. i reached home, unscrewed my left car speaker to glue back the surrounds as it was peeling off, then lay down to watch some telly. as usual i switched over to the discovery channel (i'm awfully addicted to that).

so what was on was a show called 'the wright stuff' a story about some american dude trying to recreate and build a replica of the wright brothers airplane ...can't recall if it was called kittie hawk or if kittie hawk was the place it first flew. so i observed the craftmenship that went into building the plane... and of course it was build out of my favourite material ,wood. it was really beautiful, not plain beautiful..but probably somewhat orgasmic to look a the outcome of it. YES i'm weird in that way. i appreaciate finely crafted things.

so anyway, this weird thought occured in my mind. what if i gave up designing. stop it all. never take up a job being a guy with 'adry azad alauddin - industrial designer' written on his name card? what if i just walked away from this field i have been studying for the past 4 years ? maybe i chose the wrong filed to study, but then again even from a young age i've always wanted to be somesort of a builder. so the big question is... what if i traded being an industrial designer, and just became a craftsmen.

i may not have the exact skill or experience to be one yet, but there's definately alot more i can learn from my father, of whom i respect very much for this meticulous attention to detail, for he, i view truly as a craftsperson.

oh i don't know if being a craftsman would work in the day and age we live in today. i don't know if people still valued the way things look when its been made well. will i be able to make enough money to support those whom are dearest to me? it just seem tat people these day have lost all appreciation for things like that, everyone wants cheap stuff. but at the same time complain about it being crappy in quality. look at all the reviews malaysian products are getting anyway...

so yes i'm left in a dillemma now. i love working with wood, though my skills SHOULD be sharpened alot. in fact, oddly enough whenever i do any sort of woodwork, i feel peace, even when sanding something down i feel as if i'm gently craddling a baby in my arms. hmm i think i've strayed a little fro the topic.

so should i give up industrial design and concentrate on learning more about wood and end up being a craftsman (i hope?). or should i continue my studies and pursue a career in industrial design, and later on maybe do my masters specializing in furniture design (MFA i think its called) ? suddenly the song by 'Bone Thugs and Harmony - Crossroads' is playing in my mind.....


At 1:28 PM, Blogger KY said...

finish ur school u noob. that way u're left with more options.

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to say that there are people who still appreciate handcrafted wooden stuff - or handcrafted anything for that matter :D

At 2:36 PM, Blogger steelrage said...

sure there are people that still appreaciate handcrafted wooden stuff.... actually there are plenty


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