Tuesday, July 05, 2005

venting some anger

i know.. unable to play dota PERFECTLY on battlenet is such a small reason to be pissed off at Streamyx. but damn its so annoying, for one, i've been lagging out of games for frequently in the past 2 days, my nick which had a good reputation until now, has gone down the drain. its so frustrating when you've played for about 20 minutes and gathered so much gold and when you want to buy something, you lag out. so WHAT IS UP with streamyx. whats with this shoddy service, i know i didn't do any reaserch on what their problems are lately but still! you can spend so much money making tv ads d trying to advertise that everything is within reach with tm net, but still i can't even enjo 2-3 hours playing dota on battlenet !!!! what the fuck is wrong with you!!! if you're going to fucking monopolise the frigging market can you PLEASE like give me good service? SHEESH ... see... i'm so frustrated that i've even broke my rule on NOT SWEARING nd using MINIMAL UPPER CASE alphabets. ARGH!!!!


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