Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Sleepy and grumpy, and woke up on the wrong side of the bed

So, i slept at like form 6pm till 12 am last night then i couldn't sleep no more.. its now 9am on Malaysia's National Day, and i guess i would like to wish everyone Happy Merdeka. I was bored so i decided to browse through some blogs, and came across a post but shaolintiger , which led to another post of which he was replying to.. i suppose...

i don't really have much to say but, MAN I DON'T EVEN GO TO PETALING STREET!.. and .. what the heck.. if you wanna eat good food why eat at a restaurant? haven't u heard that the best secrets are always well kept? do you really think that restaurants are gonna really have the best food around? the only reason i go to petaling street, is to makan..

the one more thing.. yellow fire hydrant, and about them being painted after they're put into the ground ? ITS SOMETHING CALLED MANTAINANCE ... guess u didn't know that things deteriorate after a while rite? you expect them to change something that works perfectly just because the paint faded? Are you gonna change a phone because u scratched its cover? (but then again since you're a rich person, perhaps you'de think that a scratch on a phone is gonna affect the reception ..or something.. god knows what goes thru your minds)

Honestly, the only reason why i think that you complain so much is because , u came here fully loaded with expectations and cash... and well since you look rather WELL OFF, thats the reason why i think you didn't find what you're looking for. But how come sometimes backpackers discover the best of everything? hmm.. think about it...

Friday, August 26, 2005

short short entry

as the title says, this is gonna be a really short entry. i guess i'm a little grumpy this morning. I'm just quite sick with everything. Who the fuck do I have prove myself to anyway? Honestly I'm sick of trying to live up to your expectations. WHICH CAN NEVER SEEM TO BE MET! argh... i tell you what i'm gonna do.. i'm gonna give up on you.. from now on.. i'm just gonna do things for myself, to please me. its high time that i actually paid ATTENTION to MYSELF.. meeh..


Thursday, August 11, 2005

of days when the future don't seem to brigth...

i woke up this morning ( welll not exatly morning.. my classmate called me at 11:30 but i feel asleep again and woke up at 1pm), feeling sort of cranky. i suppose the haze contributed to that. Anyway again... i woke up pretty late and rushed to get my ass to college.. Took a shower.. jumped out dried myself.. but my hair was still to wet to put any wax on it.. so i didn't bother much abt it.. went to the wardrobe .. picked out my slacks and a blue shirt and grabbed my coat. Apparently, a lecturer wanted my classmates and I to dress up formally for the PM's visit to college. So hopped in my car.. topped up the petrol level.. and well.. did my hair while i stopped at a traffic light.. haha i think the cars around me were wondering what the heck was i doing.

Anyway, i was driving.. and what lay ahead of me scared the shit out of me.. I could see.. nothing. Okay okay thats an exxageration of the situation..but i was scared nonetheless... It felt like i was driving into the unknown.. to boldly go where i can't see that clearly.. IT even felt weirder on my WAY BACK from college. Because i couldn't see that well that more often then not i thought i was on the wrong road or dring towards somewhere else and not subang... freaky i tell you...

ahhh.. got nothing fruitful to tlk abt anymore.. so... hmm.. later.. i'm thinking of what to cook tomorrow...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

dree's first food blog entry...

so i woke up at about 1pm this afternoon after the heavy drinking at the Leo Party at Asia Cafe. I was pretty hammered.. didn't feel well so i drove home and went to bed at about 3am.. so i woke up, had a cigarette then headed downstairs to get some liquid into my system, and what did i find!! 2 slabs of Australian topside on the kitchen counter.. HMmmm!!! such luck!! just the thing i need to refuel myself for the day :D

opened mom's cookbook and read up on how to roast beef in the oven. couldn't find any proper instruction so i decided to wing it. Only marinated the beef with salt and pepper and chucked in some honey for some sweetness. preheated the oven with a pie tin in it (yes i have 2 proper ovens at home...). after the pie tin was quite warm.. i melted some butter in it. (this is done so that your beef won't stick to the pan ok!) i cut some slits in the beef so that i could have more 'juice' which i'll be using to make the sauce later on :D.. (saw it in shaolintiger's blog so i copy abit lar...)

i really didn't know what temperature to heat the ove too.. so i i tried 175 degrees.. but i think i should go abt higher nexttime .. i think i did abt 10 minutes on each side.. but i can't remember coz i took it out and put it back in .. a few times... anyway the beef was about medium rare ..but it was kinda tough.. and i don't really have proper steak knives to cut it at home.. lol.. so i decided to cut it into slices.. this is how it looks.

looks almost like stir-fry beef. haha .. forgive me its my first time roasting beef. the sauce i basically used whatever that was at the bottom of the pie tin.. put in a pot of water.. and well i did it to taste slowly... added some butter to make it richer... some chicken stock (cudn't find any beef stock in the fridge..) thickened with some flour.

my brother made some mash potatoes.. and coleslaw ( initially i wanted to make baked potatoes ..but he'd already chucked the potatoes into a pot to boil 'em) and some stir fry brocoly and long beans...

This is how everything looked after..

LOL forgive me for the poor photography.. but hey at least the meal was good.. and good thing i sliced the beef, because ended up.. even my parents wanted to eat.

yummy.. now i'm all charged up for today...wooot!